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What are Cowbell Factors?
What are Cowbell Factors?

The foundation of Cowbell's cyber risk assessment

Written by Jessica Newman
Updated over a week ago

Cowbell Factors™ are Cowbell’s proprietary risk ratings that compile in real-time an organization’s cyber risk profile in support of the insurance process. Cowbell Factors anchor Cowbell’s underwriting and help guide coverage and cyber policy configuration.

Cowbell Factors are continuously updated and present an up-to-date view of an organization's risk profile compared to Cowbell's risk pool of more than 35 million accounts across the U.S. and U.K. (and growing). Businesses (whether they are policyholders or not) can view their Cowbell Factors at any time on Cowbell's platform and track how their risk ratings are evolving. Cowbell Factors are a good indication of how the organization compares to industry peers with regard to security.

Businesses that do not yet have a cyber policy with Cowbell can sign-up to view their Cowbell Factors at

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