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What are Cowbell Insights?
What are Cowbell Insights?
What is the value of Cowbell Insights to policyholders
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Cowbell Insights are derived from Cowbell Factors and provide helpful guidance for policyholders to improve their risk profile by offering recommendations to address identified security weaknesses.

While Cowbell Factors are a relative measure of your organization's risk profile compared to Cowbell's risk pool, Cowbell Insights are specific to the organization. They highlight specific findings and recommendations to address risk exposures or security weaknesses.

When Cowbell Connectors are activated, Cowbell Insights deliver even more value, pulling recommendations and guidance, whenever available from the connected infrastructure. For example, with the Microsoft Connector active, you will be able to visualize Microsoft's recommendations to address specific security weaknesses in your Microsoft 365 (aka Office 365) deployment.

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