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Can Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) access Cowbell?

Written by Jessica Newman
Updated over a week ago

Cowbell has extended its Cowbell Connect partner program to include managed security service providers (MSSPs). The program provides MSSPs access to Cowbell Factors, Cowbell Insights, and the AI-powered risk intelligence that anchors Cowbell’s precise underwriting.

MSSPs and Cowbell have the same goal - to keep customers safe from cyber threats. MSSPs work every day to make their customers secure, and they are keenly aware of the damage that a successful cyberattack can inflict. They know that even the best security can not stop all attacks and understand that successfully managing cyber risk needs to include both security and insurance.

MSSPs often engage Cowbell because their clients are asking them for advice about cyber insurance. Cowbell has a profile on its platform dedicated to MSSPs so that they can view their customers through the eyes of a cyber insurance provider. We provide them with the same tools used by our brokers and underwriters to help them understand their customer’s cyber risk profiles. MSSPs have become invaluable partners as we incorporate their feedback into our continuous release cycle to improve our technology and cyber insurance product every day.

By working directly with MSSPs, Cowbell aims to lower the cyber risks of our mutual customers. Using Cowbell Factors and Cowbell Insights, MSSPs are made aware of risk signals that they might not otherwise be aware of. Ultimately, a better risk profile leads to lower premiums - creating a true win-win-win scenario for the MSSP, the insured, and for Cowbell.

If you're a security vendor, a service provider or an MSSP, you can request to become a partner at [email protected]

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