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Why Cowbell for SMEs?
Why Cowbell for SMEs?
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Cowbell Prime™ is Cowbell’s standalone, admitted cyber insurance program designed for businesses with up to $500 million in revenue. Cowbell Prime delivers financial protection and coverage for the wide range of cyber incidents that impact businesses nowadays, including network incidents, email scams, ransomware attacks, cybercrime, social engineering, and more.

Powered by artificial intelligence, data, and Cowbell Factors, Cowbell Prime provides you with a cyber policy that is tailored to the unique risk exposures of your organization.

Manage Your Cyber Insurance Online:

  • View your risk assessment; compare it to industry peers

  • Review quote

  • Work with your agent to customize your quote

  • Attest to company information

  • Sign policy documents, pay, and activate the policy

  • Get your Certificate of Insurance

Get your policy in 5 minutes!

Cowbell Factors™

Cowbell Factors rate your organization's risk level on a continuous basis using external data, firmographics, claims data, dark web intelligence, and more. You get immediate answers to the following questions:

  • Is my business as secure as my industry peers?

  • Where does my business face the greatest cyber risk exposure?

  • Are my business's data or account credentials posted on the dark web?

Cowbell Insights™

Based on Cowbell Factors, Cowbell Insights provide guidance to help your organization reduce its risk exposure and maintain data security and privacy. Insights show you:

  • Reasons behind your Cowbell Factors ratings

  • Recommended actions to reduce a specific cyber exposure

Deeper Insights When Activating Connectors

Cowbell can provide a deeper assessment of your cyber risks when you activate connectors and answer the following:

  • Are security best practices applied to my cloud applications and email service?

  • Is multi-factor authentication (MFA) applied everywhere?

  • Do I have data in the cloud exposed to the internet without protection?

  • Are system vulnerabilities patched in a timely manner?

It takes only a few clicks to activate connectors to the most commonly used cloud and security services.

Cyber Awareness Training For Your Employees

Cowbell partners with Wizer for training. From our platform, you can enroll your employees to receive educational 1-minute Wizer videos.

Five Steps to Proactively Manage Your Cyber Risks.

  1. Ask your insurance agent for a quote and get a standalone cyber policy

  2. Sign up to access our platform at

  3. Review your Cowbell Factors and understand your risks

  4. Follow recommendations from Cowbell Insights

  5. Enroll your employees in cyber awareness training

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