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What is Cowbell 365?
What is Cowbell 365?

Cowbell 365 is Cowbell's superior claims handling service.

Written by Madita Sauer
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Cowbell 365 entails the best-in-class 24x7x365 cyber claim handling services delivered by our in-house team of experts as well as the superior services offered by our team of cyber risk engineering to provide guidance to policyholders on how to improve their organization’s cyber risk profile. Risk engineering resources and services are bundled with every policy providing access to:

  • Live support on how to address pre- and post-bind subjectivities provided by our underwriters

  • Cyber risk audits; all policyholders that went through our thorough risk audit process stayed clear of ransomware incidents

  • Incident preparedness such as creating an incident response plan using our templates

  • Guidance on how to use Cowbell Factors and Cowbell Insights available on-demand on the Cowbell platform

  • Advice on how to optimize premium through the activation of Cowbell Connectors to get access to deeper insights on

  • Preferred pricing on dozens of cybersecurity solutions on our cybersecurity marketplace Cowbell Rx.

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