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How are you different from your competitors?
How are you different from your competitors?

What makes Cowbell stand out?

Written by Madita Sauer
Updated over a week ago

Our biggest differentiators are our adaptive approach to cyber insurance, our closed-loop approach to cyber risk management, and the way to educate our insurance agents about cyber.

Cowbell’s Adaptive Cyber Insurance bundles risk management tools and services with coverage so that policyholders are able to continuously address changes in the threat landscape. The value adds that policyholders receive start at Day One with a real-time benchmark of cyber risks measured by Cowbell Factors and including inside-out risk data. Continuous risk monitoring and risk engineering services then support policyholders in mitigating newly identified exposures and security weaknesses throughout the policy period.

Our closed-loop approach to risk management includes not just insuring it and responding to an incident but also assessing and improving it. Like this, we have created offerings that are designed to benefit our policyholders from Day one and throughout the entire policy lifecycle, not just if an incident occurs.

Aspects of our closed-loop risk management are:

  • Cowbell Factors: Free cyber risk assessment

  • Cowbell Insights: Deeper insights into your cyber risk

  • Cowbell Connectors: Easy and quick ways to further improve your risk profile

  • Cowbell Rx: Our cybersecurity marketplace that offers exclusive pricing to policyholders

  • Cowbell 365: Superior risk engineering and claims services

  • Cowbell Academy: The first cyber insurance e-learning platform in the market. It helps our agents better understand cyber insurance and sell it more effectively.

Lastly, we created the very first e-learning platform for cyber insurance that is designed to help agents better understand and sell cyber. Through courses that include short informational videos, lessons, and quizzes, agents can learn all about cyber insurance, how cyber claims are handled at Cowbell, our insurance products, and more.

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