What is closed-loop risk management?

Cowbell's innovative approach to cyber risk.

Written by Madita Sauer
Updated over a week ago

Our closed-loop approach to risk management is derived from our desire to not only provide value to our insureds after an incident is reported. Instead, a policy should provide value from Day One, helping policyholders understand their cyber risk and actively work to avoid incidents.

Our closed-loop risk management is built on four pillars: ASSESS, INSURE, IMPROVE, RESPOND

Assess: Using our Cowbell Factors, policyholders can assess their cyber risk and understand vulnerabilities in their risk posture.

Insure: Using the information derived from the risk assessment, we can create a cyber insurance policy that is customized to an organization’s unique cyber risk profile.

Improve: Policyholders get access to a wide variety of cybersecurity management resources, like scoping calls with our risk engineering team, access to our Cowbell Connectors, and our cybersecurity vendor marketplace Cowbell Rx, just to name a few. The goal is to bring all policyholders’ cybersecurity level to a standard that drastically decreases the probability and consequences of a successful cyber attack.

Respond: Unfortunately, cyber incidents are impossible to rule out completely. If something should happen, we will be by your side. Our claims team has more than 50 years of relevant experience and is available to you at any time. For a few examples on how we have handled claims in the past, you can visit cowbell.insure/claims.

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