How can I effectively back up data?

A strong backup strategy will help you significantly should you fall victim to a cyberattack

Written by Madita Sauer
Updated over a week ago

Few things are more important than backing up your data regularly and efficiently. It can significantly cut down business interruption time and give you an upper hand when negotiating ransom sums. Consider following these tips to stay on top of our backup strategy:

  • Back up your data regularly; the more often, the better. Backups should be done at least on a weekly basis, ideally every day.

  • Consider the 3-2-1 backup strategy, which entails having three copies of your data, two media types for your backups, and one backup stored in an offsite location.

  • Only grant select employees access to backups. This is called “least privilege access”. Using this, if your company experiences credential theft of one of your employees, the chances are lower that they are able to access the backups.

  • Test your backups regularly (more than once or twice a year), including on-premise and off-premise backups. A 90%+ restoration should be the goal.

  • Use an “air gap backup solution” strategy. This strategy simply entails storing backups in a different area that is offline and separate. This makes it difficult for bad actors to intercept, gain access and interfere with it. Common methods today include cloud-based destinations.

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